Kennel Design

Kennel Design

The Space Dog Training Center has some of the most advanced and best designed kennels.  This state-of-the-art canine accommodation is renowned across the galaxies and its reputation is second to none.  It is unique in that it provides purpose built facilities for an unrivalled array of exotic dogs from numerous galactic worlds.

Recommended kennel design includes spacious attached runs.  The Space Dog Training Center utilizes a variety of these arrangements. One of the easier designs to manage is the central corridor with kennels on either side, each one leading to an individual run. This avoids any sense of isolation as the dogs that can see one another, and also allows for viewing by kennel staff. They have an access hatch to the run area which can be opened both from outside the run gate and from inside the corridor.  The inside kennels can be cleaned very easily when the dogs are in the runs and once these areas are cleaned and disinfected dealing with the outside runs is straight forward. 

Outside runs attached to kennels are separated from each other by 1-metre-high solid walls topped with galvanized mesh panels to give 2-metre-high division.  This design ensures maximum ease of cleaning.  The runs are fully mesh covered to deter the more determined dog who thrives on escape tactics. The mesh gates are thoroughly checked to guarantee they close firmly and cannot be opened by the more ingenious canine individuals. Secure perimeter fencing and locked gates when the kennels are unattended secures them against intruders.  Security is further heightened by innovative alarm systems and the use of overnight security dog’s patrols.  These patrols are an invaluable deterrent reducing the risk to the kennels highly effectively.

In addition to the individual kennel runs there are also other large and securely fenced runs where the dogs can run free.  Chain-link fencing, which is usually used for the larger exercise runs is sunk in concrete below the surface and can be green PVC-coated or as is the case with Space Dog Training Kennels, galvanized.  To deter jumpers, the outside perimeter fencing of chain link uses taut wire strands sloping inwards atop 2-metre high chain link.  There are also several securely fenced outside covered exercise areas for free running in bad weather.


These are mandatory separate units situated away from the main kennel blocks. They are designed for comfort and reassurance with extra heating available when necessary, and are easily accessible for the extra attention that will be needed.


The kennel walls are chosen to be impermeable and easy to clean.  Regular washing and disinfecting of the wall along with scratching and chewing can quickly causes a kennel block to develop an unkempt appearance. So choosing suitable materials is essential.  It should also mean happy and comfortable space dogs! The purpose-made galvanized mesh panels used in the kennel runs have the advantage of various built-in safety features.


Kennel floors are also designed to be impermeable to water and other liquids. They are largely tiled but for the heavier duty occupant sealed concrete floors are available.  Sealing is vital in the interests of maintaining the highest of hygiene standards throughout the kennels.


Each kennel block has its own food storage, preparation and serving area.  Bowls and cleaning utensils have their own storage space. Hot and cold water supplies are available in the preparation area and cooking facilities are provided.


Barred kennel gates work very well and are one of the best kennel gate plans.  The Space Dog Training Center kennels also use see through solid partitions.  These provide an impermeable barrier but also allow staff and handlers to see into the kennel.  Just as importantly it makes the dogs off-duty lives much more interesting while they are kenneled.  They provide a device where water bowls avoid spillage by being held in place and food bowls can be placed in the kennels without actually entering.  This saves time reduces the risk of being bitten by the more difficult patrol dogs when their handlers are not available or the risk of quick escapes by dogs who wish to be reunited with them! 


The provision of web cams in every kennel is an added security feature that allows both staff and handlers to keep an eye on individuals or whole kennel blocks.  This is an innovative feature that gives round the clock coverage and added reassurance.

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