Kennel Life 3–Cleaning and Hygiene



           Delhorn Kennels_westhaven-special.n-somerset.sch.ukkennel_kare_sc_mopping_(Superconcentrate)

Kennel cleaning and hygiene is absolutely essential to avoid developing health problems. Its importance cannot be too heavily emphasized. Each kennel block has its own set of cleaning tools; the less interchange between different kennel blocks the better if infection was to break out one. The basic directions are to clean first, and then disinfect using a kennel disinfectant preparation in the exact quantities recommended by the manufacturers. Proper disinfectants are expensive but necessary; check that the dilutions are measured correctly, not just casually tipped into a bucket. Disinfectant sprays are readily available to all kennel personnel and should be used routinely to clean hands which help to prevent the spread of infection.

               12_dog_kennelsScrubbing the dog

Daily cleaning includes the proper washing and sterilization of feeding and drinking bowls. The most intensive floor, wall and run cleaning will be of little use if feeding and drinking bowls are infection carriers; there are special sterilizing detergents for these utensils which ensure a quick and thorough job. Regular super cleaning – when dogs change kennels or the kennel block is empty also help keep micro organisms under control.


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