Kennel Life 4–K9 Mealtimes




When the morning cleaning, tidying and exercising is completed most dogs will be eager for their firstKennels with health charts_public domain image meal or snack of the day. Depending on their work schedule the majority of dogs will be fed twice daily. Stainless steel bowls_public domain imageRegular feeding times are important and dogs should be fed at the same time every day. The approach of feeding time in any dog kennel is noisy. The clatter of food bowls – usually stainless steel ones – is enough to set off deafening waves of barking from hungry dogs anticipating food. Management of dogs in the kennels is simplified by attached runs which also have access via hatches that can be controlled from outside the kennel. The kennel doors have provision for placing food or water bowls in position without the handler or on occasions kennel staff having to enter. This method is both time-saving and protects against aggression on occasions. The kennel gates are also constructed on this principle. Whilst the dogs are resting in their kennels the feeding bowls can be collected, washed and sterilized and any problems indicated on their health charts.

clip_image001Variety of food types_public domain image


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