Kennel Life 6–Bedding and Heating


boarding-kennels-larkhall-e-k-kennels-dog-care-0BEDS AND BEDDING

SDTW kennels are of modern kennel design and incorporate fiberglass beds which fold up into the walls giving more kennel space when not in use. Many dogs will choose to sprawl on the kennel floor. This practice should be discouraged in larger dogs and those with thin coats. Vet beds – the very hard-wearing, comfortable synthetic fur fabric makes hygienic, washable bedding that does not retain moisture and therefore dries quickly.

Curious CKCS puppyDog bed2Dog bed3HEATING

Kennel temperature checks are essential both for the comfort of the occupants and also for economic reasons. Daily notes are taken of the highest and lowest temperatures, which help to assess heating needs, which vary dramatically with dogs from around the world. In the hottest months it shows the degree of heat dogs and handlers have to endure. Insulation in the kennel buildings is of top quality as it affects the running costs of heating appliances in proportion to its effectiveness.


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