Kennel Life 7–Stock Taking and Record Keeping



Daily stock checks are essential on cleaning materials and foodstuffs. Time must be allowed for reordering and delivery, and also for unexpected delays. Daily close inspections of run fencing and kennels are vital in case of damage or the need to repair. Gates or fences should never be left unrepaired and damage should be reported to the kennel manager immediately. Latches, hinges and locks; all need checking. Some dogs can inflict very serious damage to their accommodation, and the resulting requirement for ultra-careful cleaning and repairs should not be underestimated.

HEALTH RECORD CARDS Animal HospitalEach dog should have its own health record card updated daily. These hold basic health information and the handler should update this as part of the daily morning routine. Vets are busy and have to plan their rounds. They will also need answers to basic questions in order to help diagnosis. Health cards provide a system that will ensure all staff are properly informed of each dogs health status during each duty rotation.


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