Montana Man Receives Reimbursement after Golden Retriever Eats Cash

The Daily Golden

Back in April, I posted a story in about the golden retriever who ate his owners cash while he was left in the car during a trip while his owners ate dinner.

Golden Retriever Eats $500 – What Happens Next?

Sundance ate 5 $100 bills and his owner, Wayne Klinkel, followed the dog around until he recovered all the bills. (I won’t go into detail)  Klinkel washed the bills and sent them to the U.S. Treasury in an attempt to be reimbursed.

Monday, Klinkel received a check for the $500 and was pleasantly surprised.  He has since learned not to leave cash laying around.

Klinkel tells the media “It was great to get the check after all the crap I went through,”

You can say that again!

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