Introduction to Kennel Design 2–Buildings


images (1)Isolation-Kennel

These are mandatory separate units situated away from the main kennel blocks. They are designed for comfort and reassurance with extra heating available when necessary, and are easily accessible for the extra attention that will be needed.

WALLS kennel walls are chosen to be impermeable and easy to clean. Regular washing and disinfecting of the wall along with scratching and chewing can quickly causes a kennel block to develop an unkempt appearance. So choosing suitable materials is essential. IIMG_3433.10183538_stdt should also mean happy and comfortable space dogs! The purpose-made galvanized mesh panels used in the kennel runs have the advantage of various built-in safety features. sassy 1


2ee154172da6e9f4e0ae09ec3983_grandeboardingluci.legaproanimale.orgKennel floors are also designed to be impermeable to water and other liquids. They are largely tiled but for the heavier duty occupant sealed concrete floors are available. Sealing is vital in the interests of maintaining the highest of hygiene standards throughout the kennels.


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