Introduction to Kennel Design–Facilities



kennel_inside_largeKennels-Frontlarge-P5020468Recommended kennel design includes spacious attached runs. One of the easier designs to manage is the central corridor with kennels on either side, each one leading to an individual run. This avoids any sense of isolation as the dogs can see one another, and also allows for viewing by kennel staff. They have an access hatch to the run area which can be opened both from outside the run gate and from inside the corridor. The inside kennels can be cleaned very easily when the dogs are in the runs and once these areas are cleaned and disinfected dealing with the outside runs is straight forward.


Outside runs attached to kennels are separated from each other by 1-metre-high solid walls topped with galvanized mesh panels to give 2-metre-high division. This design ensures maximum ease of cleaning. The runs are fully mesh covered to deter the more determined dog who thrives on escape tactics. The mesh gates are thoroughly checked to guarantee they close firmly and cannot be opened by the more ingenious canine individuals.

Secure perimeter fencing and locked gates when the kennels are unattended secures them against intruders. Security is further heightened by innovative alarm systems


20091024000000546ae299f36e15bb11e8e746db3327a9runs1In addition to the individual kennel runs there are also other large and securely fenced runs where the dogs can run free. Chain-link fencing, which is usually used for the larger exercise runs is sunk in concrete below the surface and can be green PVC-coated or galvanized. To deter jumpers, the outside perimeter fencing of chain link uses taut wire strands sloping inwards atop 2-metre high chain link. There are also several securely fenced outside covered exercise areas for free running in bad weather.


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