Questions To Ask The Dog Breeder

What to Ask the Breeder


  1. Do you have the parents on site? May I see them? (Father may not be available if owned by someone else.)
  2. What are the good and bad points of the parents, and what titles do they have?
  3. Where were these puppies raised?
  4. How have you socialized them?
  5. What feeding regime do they have?
  6. What treatments have they had to date? Have they had their 1st health check, worming, and flea-treatment, and first of 2-stage inoculations and been micro-chipped?
  7. Are you willing to supply and sign a written agreement that purchase is subject to a satisfactory examination by your veterinary surgeon within 48 hours of purchase?
  8. What are the congenital defects in this breed?
  9. Have your dogs been “screened” and “tested” for hereditary health problems and are they “certified.”(e.g. for GSD’s hip scoring, heart rated parents for Boxers.)
  10. Are their pedigree and registration papers available?
  11. Are the puppies insured? (All KC registered puppies are entitled to 6wls free insurance cover for any illness during the first six weeks in your care – a scheme subscribed to by most responsible breeders)
  12. What guarantees do you provide? Can I view the Terms of sale or contract? (Concerned and responsible breeders offer contracts that protect not only the buyer and seller, but also the best interests of the puppy.)



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