Formal Breed Paperwork


KUK KENNEL CLUB PEDIGREE AND REGISTRATION PAPERS: Do not make a commitment to buy or hand over any money until you have seen them, and have receipts showing the papers for the puppy you are buying. Do not assume that the breeder will automatically forward papers that you have never seen, to you later.

NB: Kennel Club registration/pedigree does not guarantee a perfect puppy. It is up to you to carry out the appropriate checks

HEREDITARY SCREENING CERTIFICATES FOR PARENTS: Ideally PennHIP or Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals certification – expert and unbiased inspectors who know exactly what to look for.

FULL MEDICAL HISTORY: Also including worming and flea treatment and also micro-chipping.



FIRST SIX WEEKS FREE PUPPY INSURANCE: A good breeder will have signed up to this scheme.

PAYMENT RECEIPT: Indicates transaction date, payment method, and the specific details of the dog purchased. It is advisable if possible to have the “exchange of funds and goods” witnessed by a third party.

BILL AND TERMS OF SALE/FORMAL CONTRACT: Much more detailed than the simple receipt for your cash, and should be considered as a formal, legal document best drawn up by a solicitor. It should be signed by both parties. Examples of contents could include any breeding and export restrictions that can be put in place by breeder with Kennel Club. A written agreement that purchase of the puppy is subject to a satisfactory examination by your veterinary surgeon within 48 hours of purchasing the puppy.

AKC Registration Papers


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