Russian German Shepherd Dogs 2

Brains, beauty and Totally Hard-Core!

Russian German Shepherd Dog  – One of the most intelligent dogs in the world!

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The Russian German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world and probably the most intelligent of the Russian guard dogs (Caucasian dog, Central Asian dog, Russian Sheepdog, Russian Terrier, and Moscow dog), there is pretty much nothing that can be learned by any other breed that cannot be learned by an East-European Shepherd Dog.

Tougher than even the hardest-core German Shepherd Dog or the Belgian Malinois, the East European Shepherd Dog, bred almost exclusively as a working dog for the Soviet military and the KGB has very successfully performed, when asked to, tasks of extreme complexity.  They are also great hunting dogs and are more than capable of working as draught dogs. THEY ARE NOT HOWEVER, GREAT FAMILY PETS.


The East-European Shepherd is regarded as being a highly trainable breed, though it will DEFINITELY NOT BE, FOR NOVICE OWNERS.  It is a very dominant breed, and it will ABSOLUTELY NOT OBEY ANY COMMANDS by someone it considers lower than itself in the packing order. Therefore owners MUST play the Alpha role at ALL times giving NO leeway and showing NO signs of weakness. (This does NOT mean being a bully!!!!)


The East-European Shepherd tends to be intensely suspicious of strangers and it will always remain very stand-offish and distrustful in their presence.  Whilst it will USUALLY not be openly aggressive with them, PROVIDED THE PROPER TRAINING AND APPROPRIATE SOCIALISATION IS IN PLACE, it should be understood that without it the Russian GSD can develop very acute and CRITICALLY DANGEROUS AGGRESSION ISSUES towards humans.

OTHER DOGS:Possessiveness-based aggression

On the other hand most East European Shepherds will get along perfectly well with other dogs but again, THEY MUST HAVE UNDERGONE APPROPRIATE TRAINING AND SOCIALISATION first – although bred to work alongside other dogs it is NOT beyond the realms of possibility that they will develop potentially very serious, aggression issues, towards other dogs. ALL FORMS OF K9 AGGRESSION ARE PREVALENT IN THIS BREED but most commonly seen are; Same-sex, dominance, territorial, and possessiveness-based aggression.

east-european-shepherd-2NON-K9 ANIMAL AGGRESSION:

The strength of their prey drive varies considerably between different EES’s and although some will attempt to attack virtually anything that moves, others will be perfectly amicable with other animals, for example, the family cat. But ultimately PROPER TRAINING AND SOCIALISATION IS VITAL to success.



How to be your dog’s Alpha!

Setting the example!

Dogs know who has to be listened to and who doesn’t. Whoever sets the example gets the respect. The one the dog first submits to, in the dog’s mind, is leader of the pack. The dog is second and anyone else descending in pack order.

Spending quality time with the dog will strengthen the pack bond, and create a more friendly and sociable dog who understands you, and feels safe within his pack. Your dog should be at the bottom of the pack not in the middle somewhere.

If the dog is to view you as the Alpha he must know that he can trust you in every situation that arises, and all his needs will be provided for by you. When enforcing the rules of your living space it is important to be consistent and regular routines that can be depended on by the dog should also be established.

1. Be sure to pass through doors and passage ways ahead of the dog.
The alpha has Rite of passage. This is very important to dogs. First rights always go to the alpha.

2. Eat first–then feed your dog.

3. If you find the dog blocking your way, make him move out of your way–do not go around or step over him. Sub-ordinate animals show deference to the Alpha by moving.

4. Call your dog to you to give him attention and show affection. Don’t go to him.

5. Likewise when coming home, if your dog does not come to greet you, ignore him. If you go to the dog then, you are treating him as the ALPHA.

Controlling toys etc

6.When you play with your dog, be sure that you end up with possession of the toy, and keep hold of it Coupled with praise and reward the practice of taking objects from the dog, such as toys, food etc will help to reinforce understanding of who is the Alpha.

7. Don’t allow your dog to sleep on the bed with you at least until he fully understands who is the alpha. At the very least he will view himself as an equal and this is storing up trouble for later.

Practice discipline

8. Practice discipline in a way that the dog understands, when the behaviour is unacceptable. Catching him in the act is essential, or he won’t understand what the correction is for. Make direct eye contact. Like wolves dogs talk with their eyes.  In this case it will reinforce your dominance.