What A Dog Wants


Think BEFORE You Buy Me!!!


A dog is big commitment and comes with serious responsibilities…Take the time to research their needs and to give serious and honest consideration to whether or not you are willing and able to meet their needs and to give them the life they deserve. You owe it to yourself and your potential new dog. Think before you leap!!



The US Food Stamps Program

The Pet Food Stamps Program


clip_image002Over 50 million Americans benefit from the US Food Stamps program.

Unfortunately for many US cat and dog owners the cost of buying pet supplies is not included and in these times of financial difficulty they find themselves without food for their pets and therefore unable to keep them. It is a very sad statistic that four million pets out of the seven million given up to shelters are put down every year.

Registered NYS non-profit corporation, The Pet Food Stamps program

is attempting to bridge the gap for such owners and prevent the wholly unnecessary death of innocent and much loved pets.


clip_image004They aim to offer this assistance to any approved U.S citizen

offering good, healthy food supplies on 100% free, monthly, home delivery for a period of 6-months. Approval is granted by individual assessment based on pet owner need and personal income. Consequently owners with more than one pet may find themselves eligible for multi pet product deliveries.


“Due to the high demand for this service – thousands of applications daily it can take several weeks before owners receive an yes or no answer.” ~ Marc Okon, program founder and executive director.


Similar services are available at Washington Animal Rescue League:

“One of our missions is to provide income-qualified families with discounted pet care, vaccinations, vaccine clinics, neutered clinics and vet care. We have a new medical centre on site … We also have a food bank run entirely on donations.” ~ League spokesman Matt Williams

If you are receiving US Food Stamps or are in a low income bracket and would like to apply for Pet Food Stamps, please click HERE



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Kennel Life 7–Stock Taking and Record Keeping



Daily stock checks are essential on cleaning materials and foodstuffs. Time must be allowed for reordering and delivery, and also for unexpected delays. Daily close inspections of run fencing and kennels are vital in case of damage or the need to repair. Gates or fences should never be left unrepaired and damage should be reported to the kennel manager immediately. Latches, hinges and locks; all need checking. Some dogs can inflict very serious damage to their accommodation, and the resulting requirement for ultra-careful cleaning and repairs should not be underestimated.


dsc_0034resize1crevecoeurvets.com Animal HospitalEach dog should have its own health record card updated daily. These hold basic health information and the handler should update this as part of the daily morning routine. Vets are busy and have to plan their rounds. They will also need answers to basic questions in order to help diagnosis. Health cards provide a system that will ensure all staff are properly informed of each dogs health status during each duty rotation.

Kennel Life 5 – Kitchens



The kennel kitchen is very important. Each kennel block has its own kitchen department – assisting inphoto-kitchen preventing the spread of any infection. The topmost priority of all kitchen areas is for them to be spotlessly clean and checked daily for hygiene and adequate supplies. A note should be made of any products which need to be reordered, and loose meals should be stored in vermin-proof containers. Regardless of whether the basic kennel menu needs any cooking, there are cooking facilities available for special cases and also a refrigerator and a freezer. There is also an automatic dishwasher fitted in every kitchen department for larger scale washing and sterilization.


Kennel Life 2 : Exercise


Credit: springfieldkennel.co.uk

The first task of the day is to let the dogs out for morning exercise. Each kennel has its own attached run, so the dogs can be let into their runs while their kennels are cleaned and disinfected, and allowed to return for a biscuit or morning meal, in line with their feeding plan.


For dogs that respond better to running free there are good sized, outdoor exercise runs available.

The dogs can be returned to their kennels when they have been cleaned, and the handlers have ensured that their dogs have been dried off when the weather is wet.

Credit: boardingkennel.org Credit: boardingkennel.org (2)

Introduction to Kennel Life


Credit: boardingkennel.org Credit: gumtree.org

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Kennel life begins early and can on occasions finish very late. The top priority of any dog handler is the care of their charge, keeping their accommodation clean and hygienic, seeing they have exercise and good food and are comfortable and happy. After-hours disturbances should be avoided if possible both because handlers need some off duty time and because visitors disturb the dogs and send them into a frenzy of barking. If there is a good reason for out-of-hours visits by handlers and proper notice is given to the Kennel Manager, arrangements can be made to bring the dog to a separate kennel which will not involve disturbing a whole building.