What A Dog Wants


Think BEFORE You Buy Me!!!


A dog is big commitment and comes with serious responsibilities…Take the time to research their needs and to give serious and honest consideration to whether or not you are willing and able to meet their needs and to give them the life they deserve. You owe it to yourself and your potential new dog. Think before you leap!!



Giant Prehistoric Dino Fleas!




Meet 21st Century Flea!

Pesky little creatures and the scourge of just about every K9’s life. Of course I don’t have fleas, because I am treated with FRONTLINE – an excellent treatment unless you’re clip_image001unfortunate enough to have fleas that have grown immune to it! If that’s the case arrange for your vet to be spoken to and have a suitable, high quality alternative recommended – unless you prefer to itch and scratch your way through the summer and beyond that is!


It’s safe to say that today’s fleas are a real pain, itchy, scratchy and bitey…but imagine for a moment if you were a dinosoaur…with prehistoric parasites!!

Meet Giant Prehistoric Dino Flea!

 Prehistoric Dino FleaDino Flea (Pseudopulex jurassicus and Pseudopulex magnus) was a real monster, a Jurassic giant of a flea ten times larger than those tiresome little creatures driving you crazy biting and itching in today’s modern times. And Dino flea was mean…real mean! A T. rex or Velociraptor would certainly have known about had it been bitten by such a flea.


“You wouldn’t talk much about the good old days if you got bit by this insect. It would have felt about like a hypodermic needle going in – a flea shot, if not a flu shot. We can be thankful our modern fleas are not nearly this big.”
~ Prof. emeritus of zoology, George Poinar JR from Oregon State University.

T-RexWith much flatter bodies, huge claws and extremely long antennae they would have had no trouble at all gripping the scaly skin of the unfortunate chosen dino victim, and quite sensibly- in flea mind, crawling across to unlucky dino’s pleasingly soft belly skin for a prehistoric blood-sucking feast.

As we all know today’s flea has adapted itself to our obligingly soft and furry coats, and scoot through them at roughly the same speed as we adopt en route to our favourite treats!

Just in case you still have doubts about the need to be treated for fleas, did you know there are 2,300 known species of flea?

94% of them are feeding on us and other mammals! (The remaining 6% are feasting on birds)

Itchy Dog Scratches Fleas

So! Go bark urgently at your human, scratch frantically if you have to, but make sure you’re not one of the Great UN De-Flea’d this flea season!

And don’t forget – it’s not just you that needs treating!!

If you’ve got the little horrors then your human’s home has them too! If you sleep on your human’s bed… sorry, but that’s got fleas as well! Mind you, if that’s the situation, your human will probably know this already as they will be scratching and itching at least as much as you are!!

Don’t delay! De-flea now!